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Joanna and Jerzy Heymer design office has been in the business since 1990. We design single- and multi-family houses, office buildings, public buildings, industrial buildings and sport facilities, as well as interiors. We employ architects and engineering designers and cooperate with a team consisting of various experts of all branches, including sanitary, electric and structural engineers.
Designers' and investors supervisions are followed by the designers responsible for particular branches and by the experienced engineers.
Our designs are made using ARCHICAD software.
We execute some of our designs, acting on behalf of the investor.
We have designed buildings all across Poland, including: large housing estate near Warsaw, over hundred single-family houses (detached, semi-detached and terraced houses), dozen of office buildings, two printing houses of "Rzeczpospolita" (in Warsaw and Poznań), four manufacturing and warehouse building (outside Warsaw and in Poznań), dozen of retail stores (showrooms) form paper and automotive companies, interiors of offices, houses and apartments.

The owners and the chief designers are:

o Joannie Heymer
arch. Joanna Heymer
o Jerzym Heymer arch. Jerzy Heymer


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