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The one-family houses' complex in Bobrowiec near Warsaw , 1998-2000.

The complex built in 2000 is only the part of the planned housing estate. The houses, all having joint public space, are built in similar character, but in the same time they are designed accordingly to individual requests.
The total surface of the complex is 1230 m2
Completed in 2001.

Three one-family houses in Młociny, Warsaw, 1995-1997.

The three houses were designed and supervised by our office as 'turn-key' investments. Each building has different surface and plan. The complex is situated on the corner parcel.
The total surface is 890 m2.
Completed in 1997.

The architects' own house

The house is situated on the large parcel just outside Warsaw. The materials used - mainly stone and wood - form the real countryside residence.
The total surface 300 m2
Completed in 2001.

'Przylesie' Single-Family Housing Estate 2008

Przylesie Housing Estate in Jabłonna near Warsaw comprises of 25 houses. The houses were divided into three groups, accessible through joint entrance gates. Houses in each group are placed along a separate street and a small roundabout; there are no fences between the street and the entrances to the houses. Total usable floor space of the estate: 4200 m2. Project completed in 2008.

The one-family house in Warsaw 2000-2002

The semi-detached, modernistic house situated in Mokotów had its interior reconstructed and was also extended.
The total surface after the extension 300 m2.
Completed in 2002.

The one-family house in Warsaw 1995-1997

The design included the reconstruction and the extension of the existing residence situated in Saska Kępa, Warsaw. The new interior design, the details and the finishing materials harmonise with the modernistic character of the building.

Single-Family Housing Estate in Nowa Wola

Ten semi-detached houses with four apartments in each with a garage. All apartments, both on the ground and the first floor have direct access to the garden. Facade - clinker brick and wood.
Total usable floor space of the estate: 9000 m2.
Completion of the project: 2008/2009

The one-family house in Radzanów near Mława - 1994 -1996

The total surface is about 330 m2
Completed in 1996

The one-family house in Podkowa Leśna near Warsaw 1995 -1997

The total surface is about 320 m2
Completed in 1997

The one-family house near Lublin 1996-1997

The total surface - 200m2
Completed in 1997

One-family house in Krzepice 1995-1997

The total surface - 250m2
Completed in 1997

One-family house in Mława 1995-1997

The total surface - 275m2
Completed in 1997

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