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'Przylesie' Housing Estate in Jabłonna

Studio A has won the competition for the design of the housing estate in Jabłonna near Warsaw on the area of 15ha. The estate is designed in the form of a "City-Garden". Clearly formed streets' frontages and the central square create the estate's "cityness", while the idea of the garden can be found in the dwellers' private space. The proposed total surface is 82 500 m2.

Multi-Family Apartment Building in Józefosław 2008

A four-storey, multi-family building with an underground parking garage. The overground part of the building, elevated because of the high level of groundwaters, has a shape of letter E; two small courtyards are situated on top of the garage. Total number of apartments: 80. Usable floor space: 5 700 m2. Completion of the project: 2008/2009

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