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CEDROB S.A. Headquarters - Ujazdówek, near Ciechanów - 2011-2013

The headquarters of one of Europe's largest poultry companies was built during 2011-2013. Studio A acted as general designer and project supervisor. The building with a total useable floor area of 4 170 m2 was constructed using reinforced concrete, with elevations of sandstone slabs and titanium-zinc sheets. Both the glass façade frames and the vertical sun protection blades on the southern elevation were made of glued-laminated spruce timber. The interiors were furnished using high quality materials - wood, stone, glass, steel. The office building is surrounded by a newly-created park with a cascade and a pond, as well as small wooded knolls which separate the area from the nearby CEDROB plant. The project also included the construction of a junction with the no. 60 national road and a system of service roads and parking lots. The total area of the new development is 33 260 m2.

JAKON Logistic Centre in Piaseczno, 2001.

Our office was responsible for the whole investment (the architectural design and the complete supervision) , starting with the choice and the purchase of the proper ground and finishing on the 'turn-key' stage.
The Jakon's Logistic Centre composes of the warehouse, built using the Astron system - the total surface of 4500 m2; the four-storey office building (concrete construction) - Jakon's Headquarters, the total surface of 2000 m2; the assistant facilities the size of 300 m2; the parking, the manoeuvre sites and the green areas - the total surface about 15000 m2.

The Rzeczpospolita's Printing-house in Koninko near Poznań, 1999 .

The complex comprising of the press room, the paper warehouses, the preparatory areas and the office space.
The total surface is 6000 m2

The ATM Headquarters in Warsaw 2000

Studio A was instructed to extend the existing two-storey ATM office building on Grochowska street in Warsaw. The new structure was designed and constructed in such way that it did not hinder the enterprise's work. The extension is harmoniously co-existing with the old part.
The total surface of the new seven-storey office building is 4600 m2.
The extension has been completed in 2001.

Vet - Trade Headquarters in Lesznowola

The project, situated in Lesznowola near Warsaw, is comprised of an office building of 500 sqm of floor space and a warehouse of about 1300 m2 of floor space. Facades and parts of the interior finished with graphite clinker brick, architectural concrete, aluminum and wood. Large, three-dimensional and illuminated logo of the company is visible from the nearby traffic route.
The design, completed in 2005/2006, has been executed in nine months time, with Studio A supervising its execution on investor's behalf.
Currently, the second stage of the project is being designed

INST-GAZ Headquarters 2003

INST-GAZ office building is situated in Zielonka near Warsaw. The facade was decorated with graphite clinker brick and sandstone. Interiors decorated with stone and wood. Three-storey building has total floor space of 1000 m 2

Maga Headquarters 2008

The project, situated in Stara Iwiczna near Warsaw, is comprised of an office-exhibition building and a warehouse. The facade will be decorated with ALUCOBOND panels and graphite clinker bricks. Interiors were finished with stone and wood. The office space amounts to 600 m2, warehouse space - to 900 m2. The design, completed in 2007, is currently executed, with Studio A supervising its execution on investor's behalf. Project will be ready by the summer of 2008.

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